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Reasons why people Sleep in Church

May 21 2017 at 01:23pm

Sleeping in church isn't really a good act as I've found many worshippers guilty of this. Well, I think I've figured out 3 causes....

1. Boring Preaching/Teaching: Some pastors are not just good at biblical teachings and preaching. They should be able to relate the topic to present day happenings or experiences as this would spice up the preaching. They should also avoid repeating thesame message over and over again . My pastor isn't guilty of this anyway .

2. Comfort: The comfort provided in some place of worship is enough to make people sleep seff.. Very comfortable chairs, Air condition everywhere and projectors to display bible verses . I think this could also be a cause. Just saying tho'.

3. Inactive ushers: The ushers are very relevant in the church; aside guiding worshippers they ought to also wake any individual sleeping during the course of service . Some individuals can sleep comfortably from Sunday school to 'the grace' ..

Source: afolabibayor.blogspot.com

Last edited 21 May 2017

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