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How To Use Opera Mini On Blogger.com

Jan 20 at 04:02pm

As We All Know, Blogger.com Owns By Google Does'nt Permit Low Grade Browsers To Access To The Blogger.com Dashboard.
Moreover This Has Substequently Depreciate The Number Of Bloggers Using The Free Blogging Platform.
Not Everyone Have The Opportunity To Own A Computer System Or Even Andriod Devices.

But Today, I Bring You Good_tidings.

This Trick Only Works For Those People That's Already Created A Blog On Blogger.com By A Friend Or Any Other Likes, But Don't Have Device On How To Update And Run It.

Now Input This Url In Your Opera Mini Address Bar


One Successful Loading, A Page Will Apear, Where You Can Just Write Your Blog Posts And Publish It Immediately.

And If You Run On Multi-blog Account, A Dropdown Menu Will Appear At The Top-right Corner, Then Choose The Blog Account You Want To Update.

I Hope This Help, If You Encounter Any Problem, Do Well To Use The Comment Box.

Do Well To Invite Your Friends To projectnaija.com.

Last edited 20 Jan 2017



Re: How To Use Opera Mini On Blogger.com

Feb 17 at 12:37pm

Pls ooo how can i host my blog

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Re: How To Use Opera Mini On Blogger.com

Feb 17 at 01:11pm

Makafizuky: Pls ooo how can i host my blog

You can create a blog for free on http://blogspot.com

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