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How to Make Money on Quickteller

Sep 13 at 11:00pm

Do you know u can make money on Quickteller?

Quickteller offers a Referral reward program that allows an existing registered Quickteller user earn money for referring a new user to the website.

At the point of registration, the new user would provide your email or phone number as the referrer. This is the good part, you get rewarded for all transactions carried out by your new referee for the first three months. The rewards varies based on the type of transaction carried out. See below:

Quickteller Transaction
Bill Payments Fund transfers Airtime Purchase
N40 N40 1.65%

The total value earned in the month is credited to your Verve eCash account and it can be used to perform more Quickteller transactions. How awesome is that?

So let’s run you through the steps one more time:

1. Refer someone new to www.Quickteller.com (ensure he/she includes
your phone number or email in the sign up form)

2. Your referee earns you cash by performing transactions on

3. Accrued reward earn during the month is credited to your Verve eCash
(get Verve eCash here)

….That’s it….
The more your referees the more you earn!

Note: Referees can only earn rewards on their referrals for three (3) months only!

Refer people now and start earning. Please to forget to share with others.


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Re: How to Make Money on Quickteller

Sep 14 at 02:06am

Thanks for the info

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Re: How to Make Money on Quickteller

Sep 23 at 02:05am

i am very intrested

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Re: How to Make Money on Quickteller

Sep 24 at 03:41pm

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