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how to download twitter videos (Legacy way)

Jan 06 at 04:34pm

Hi there, today I will be sharing a plain old method for downloading videos from social media Twitter. This method does not require any third party app.

Let's dive in!

Step one,
On twitter while viewing the tweet that contains the video you want, tap on the small arrow down button on the top right corner of the tweet. A set of options will popup, select copy link to clipboard.

Step two,
Head to http://twittervideodownloader.com from your favourite Web browser and paste the tweet URL to the text field provided on the website. Next hit the download button to get started!

That's all, very simple. PS, there are many ways of doing this same task, same way there are other websites that offer the same service in step 2. You can just Google for more sites. This method is my favourite because I love the legacy old school way of doing basic stuffs like thisSC Enjoy!!

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Re: how to download twitter videos (Legacy way)

Jan 18 at 12:01pm

this is a piece of fantastic information which is given by you. here I found one website which allows you to download the twitter video. https://downloader4twitter.com/

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